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For many years we have been working and promoting the use of natural dyes also outside of food applications. We have now launched our own informative website for our natural dyes. Just follow the link NIG NATURAL DYES

30th anniversary NIG GmbH


For 25 years we have been working and promoting the use of natural dyes. While synthetic dyes have been losing market share to natural dyes in the food sector for years, the situation is unfortunately completely different for so-called NON-FOOD applications. To a large extent this is due to the lack of knowledge about the usability of natural dyes and their specific characteristics. In the download section you will find a new presentation of our products and colourful examples from our partners and customers under the title NIG Natural dyes_general_2.

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30th anniversary NIG GmbH


The Weld, Reseda luteola L. native to Central Europe, is a deciduous one to two year old plant from the Resedaceae family. Reseda luteola L. has been used as a dye plant for textiles for centuries.

We have developed a patented extraction process that guarantees the highest dye concentration in the standardized extract. Our WAU-COLOR contains 190.0 - 220.0 g / kg dyestuff, making it the strongest Reseda extract on the market.

In addition to dyeing textiles and leather, there are now wide varieties of possible uses for our WAU-COLOR. Among other things, dyeing of synthetic fibers, bioplastics, vegan leather, paper and wood is possible.

Due to the proven anti-inflammatory and photoprotective effects of our enriched Reseda luteola L. extract it is successfully used in dermatological products e.g. in the treatment of neurodermatitis and in cosmetics for a skin protection cream.

WAU-COLOR is available exclusively from us, NIG GmbH. We are glad to support you with our technical expertise in your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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30th anniversary NIG GmbH


The 3rd Story of our 30 years history was related to selected seabuckthorn engineering projects. Consultancy and development aid is another successful part of our business. We are offering consulting services for seabuckthorn from cultivation, harvesting, processing to marketing (farm to fork). In the last 30 years we were especially involved in development aid projects and have advised agricultural companies and ministries, investors, financers or NGOs.

Our first consultancy order we got in 1997 of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). We advised together with the ICRTS (International Center of Research and Training on Seabuckthorn) in Beijing different seabuckthorn factories in China in questions of technological and quality assurance.

We could work on other exiting consulting projects like for the Asia Development Bank in Bhutan, in Kyrgyzstan ordered for the Raiffeisen-Gesellschaft, for the HimalAsia Foundation in Nepal or Tajikistan in for the Aga Khan Foundation. Actually we are again active in Mongolia and consult companies of the Mongolian chamber of commerce.

A special highlight of our seabuckthorn engagement was the establishment of a European Asian Network (EAN SEABUCK) 2005 - 2007. We published, together with partner from Russia and China, an international market study and 5 brochures about the stand of the art for breeding, cultivation, harvesting, processing and marketing.

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30th anniversary NIG GmbH


The basis for successful engineering is specific knowledge of raw materials, products and technologies. We can fall back on a history of 45 years experiences of working on and with seabuckthorn. The founding members of NIG GmbH brought in extensive knowledge about seabuckthorn also from the long-time cooperation with the breeder Hans Joachim Albrecht (Berlin). The important questions include the challenges of berry harvesting, quality-assurance tasks during harvesting and processing of berries. In 1990 we have tested carbon dioxide snow for berries freezing during harvesting and treatment of berry mash for better juice and oil yield.

In 1993 we got the order for engineering, project consulting, controlling, installation support and commissioning of the new processing plant of Lienig Wildfrucht GmbH in Dabendorf, Germany.

In the meantime, our know-how is demand internationally for small and large seabuckthorn processing lines. We have designed more the 50 processing lines in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, Russia, the Himalayan region, China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan.

Our approved technology for effective, almost waste-free processing of seabuckthorn berries and the extraction of pulp oil can be found also in Western Siberia at the SAVA Company in Tomsk. Sava process up to 3,000 t/year of seabuckthorn berries. Another outstanding example of our offered performance is installed in Mongolia. The company KHAAN JIMS SBT LLC in Ulaan Baatar has ordered for the new factory the complete engineering, installation and commissioning as far as our technological know how. This seabuckthorn processing plant has a capacity of 4,000t/year and was put into operation in 2016. The processing of the berries is practically residue-free.

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30th anniversary NIG GmbH

EPISODE 2 - NIG Natural Colors for Kids

The natural colour palette of NIG GmbH is characterised by the highest colour brilliance and good fastness properties in textile applications. However, the application options for our natural colours are much more diverse. On behalf of OekoNorm GmbH from Dedeleben, which advertises sustainably produced childrens toys and stationery, we developed several products and some of them absolute innovations. These products are not only made "with natural colours", an advertising statement that is often used to suggest "naturalness", but solely contains natural colours.

As part of the cooperation with ÖkoNorm GmbH, we developed a new colour-attractive natural line of wax crayons, which refrains from the use of palm fat products and only contain natural dyes. Further we were able to improve the already established wax crayon series concerning its sustainability. We also redesigned the "skin colours" line from this point of view.

In addition to the crayons, we succeeded in devoling bath water colour tablets in the colours yellow, orange, red, green, blue, pink and violet exclusively with natural dyes. This is a markat novelty because all competitive products always contain synthetic dyes too.

Find some more informations and pictures under menue link "Download"!


30th anniversary NIG GmbH

EPISODE 1 - 25th anniversary rhubarb leather

In this year of our anniversary we will share monthly short stories with you about important projects of our companies history. In the early 1990s NIG, together with research and industrial partners from Saxony Anhalt, Saxony and Bavaria, has researched intensively on renewable resources for leather tanning. As you know, pioneers are sometimes very early birds. We are not surprised that tanning based on renewable resources are a high point of interest after 25 years again, for us too!

Our main scope of research in the 1990s was the family of Polygonaceae. Polygonum and Rumex species are known as member of this family and especially the rhubarb too. With our partners, we investigated around 30 different varieties of Rhubarb and selected the best under consideration of crop, yield and tannin quality. We have developed and optimized the extraction successfully, and following technical processes from lab to industrial scale are getting a high quality tannin powder. For example in Rehau the technical tanning process was realized, for automotive leather too. Especially the re-tanning of wet-white hides delivered leather with exceptional quality.

In 1996, our intensive research work led to the registration and granting of a patent under the title of:

Verfahren zur Gewinnung von Gerbstoffen aus Polygonaceae als nachwachsende Rohstoffe sowie die Verwendung dieser Gerbstoffe als Ledergerbstoffe.

That means rhubarb leather is not as new as reported sometimes.


January 2021 - 30th anniversary NIG Nahrungs-Ingenieurtechnik GmbH

The NIG GmbH is celebrating the 30th anniversary in 2021. We have founded NIG in March 1991. Our main focus as engineering and research company was the processing of fruit and vegetables and especially renewable resources and side streams of food production. In the last decade we have concentrated our research on the extraction of secondary substances from renewable resources especially natural dyes for cosmetics, textile applications, leather and children toys. Never to forget one of the most exiting fruits "seabuckthorn", a plant which is surprising us every day.

Especially for seabuckthorn we are offering services from field to bottle. Besides engineering, erection and start-up of processing lines we were and are also involved in international research projects addressing seabuckthorn. You can find our references in different countries like Germany, Russia, Mongolia, Romania and different other countries.

Unfortunately under Covid 19 conditions we are not able to invite you for our celebration party.

But we are thrilled to announce you a monthly story about a selection of our historical projects. These stories allows us to reflect our work and say thanks to our partners and customers.

We will publish these stories under the link news and in our download area as pdf including some pictures.

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