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Sea buckthorn


Employees of NIG GmbH have been active in the field "sea buckthorn" for over twenty years (accompanying analytics at the selection of the clones, tests to the processing suitability, product developments, technology details.)
The work was continued among others with the following tasks:

1991 Acquirement of system solutions and methods to the recording and processing of wild fruit to new products for the healthy diet
1995/96 Wild fruit processing, among others sea buckthorn, (juices, condensed extracts, purée) - technological planning, project assistance and start-up (order Chema Anlagenbau GmbH Rudisleben)
1999 Consultation and training concerning sea buckthorn cultivation, -processing and quality management (order of the UNDP and ICRTS Beijing)
2000 Study to new methods at the extraction of sea buckthorn pulp oil (development of one's own)
2001 Study for the sustainable development of the sea buckthorn processing in China (supported by Ministry of research and development Germany)
2002/2003 Budget information about sea buckthorn processing lines including oil production (different companies in India, Tadshikistan, Canada)
2002/2004 The innovative products from sea buckthorn fruits (Carotinoid-Lipoprotein-Complex); supported by the European Commission
Current work
2005/2007 "Establishment of European-Asian Network for the development of strategies to enhance the sustainable use of Sea Buckthorn”
(EU-Project, Management: ttz Bremerhaven, further partners: ICRTS Beijing, Northern Research Institute of Forestry Arkhangelsk)
2006/2008 Projekt - extraction and concentration of secondary substances of sea buckthorn

Sanddornernte - sea buckthorn harvest
pulp oil recovery
juice extraction
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