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30.07.2019 - New development of palmoilfree wax crayons

Most of the wax crayons on the market are based on wax mixtures containing palm oil products. Palm oil products came under criticism for many consumers, especially young parents.

Recently we have developed a new natural wax blend completly free of palmoil products and also free of Lanolin. Often oxidised Lanolin is the reason for the unpleasant smell of crayons. The new crayons are characterized by a neutral color, stability and better abrasion. The coloring of the wax mass is easily possible due to the neutral color.


19.01.2017 - Official opening of the new sea buckthorn factory in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

The official opening of the new factory for the processing of sea buckthorn was solemnly celebrated in the presence of about 150 guests from politics and business.

NIG GmbH accompanied the project from the initial idea to the commissioning of the factory. We supplied consulting services for the strategic orientation of the project as well as the engineering and know-how for the processing of the sea buckthorn berries. We have installed a technology with which the sea buckthorn berries can be processed under gentle conditions and almost waste-free. The factory in Mongolia offers various puree and juice qualities, fruit oil, cold pressed seed oil, dried seeds and skins, juice concentrates of the highest quality.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


29.03.2016 - 25th anniversary NIG GmbH - 15th annivarsary natural dyestuffs

NIG GmbH celebrates 25th anniversary. We thank all partners and customers for the engaged cooperations and trust.

On the same time we celebrate the 15th anniversary of our GOTS approved natural dyestuff extracts for textile and leather dyeing. Our quality and the price/performance ratio are leading in the world.

Seabuckthorn became one of our main businesses in the last 15 years. Meanwhile we consult customers all over the world to planting, harvesting and processing of the seabuckthorn. References i.e. in Nepal, Russia, Romania, Bhutan, Kirgisia, Greece are available. We will inform you with latest news.

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